As a private event you and your team would have exclusive access to the facility during hours we may not regularly be open.

Our 4 rooms are designed for between 6-10 players. We can accommodate up to 38 players at a time split among the four unique games.

We would split you into teams and each group would play a unique game at the same time. We also provide complementary snacks (chips) and drinks (soda/water) for before and after your game.

Private Events can be held Monday-Friday any time from 10AM to 8PM


  • $40 per player (1 hour of play)

  • $70 per player (2 hours of play)

  • $100 per player (3 hours of play)

To make a booking, contact us at (571) 306-2279 or
We will provide you with a link and instructions on how to secure your reservation.