• YOU ARE NEVER LOCKED IN THE ROOM. You can leave at any time through the door you entered. The game will continue and you can go back in whenever you’re ready.

  • How awesome is it? - Very! Check out our reviews here!

  • How long does this take? Participants have 60 minutes to escape the room. Players should arrive 15 minutes in advance of their scheduled play time.

  • Is this scary? - Most rooms are not scary, although we do have 1 or 2 more frightening spaces.

  • How many folks can fit in a room? - It varies; most rooms can accommodate 2 more people than the “Booking Max”. So if it books to 10, you can still purchase two more tickets onsite as long as you have the room to yourselves.

  • Are cell phones allowed in the room? You won't need it. You're already attached at the hip to that thing. Take a break for an hour. You can keep your phone with you, just don’t use it unless it’s an emergency.

  • How much does it cost? The cost for tickets to games during public hours is $28 per player.

  • Where can I find the online waiver? Right here! Click to sign the waiver.

  • Do you have private/ corporate packages? Yes! All of private and corporate packages include private access to all rooms, complimentary beverages and game hosts. We can host a maximum of 35-40 players at one time. Private/Corporate packages are generally available Monday - Friday from 10am - 5pm (sometimes later depending on availability).

  1. The BRONZE package is $40 per player for one hour of play.

  2. The SILVER package is $70 per player for two hours of play.

  3. The GOLD package is $100 per player for three hours of play.

  • Food & Drink? We provide complimentary beverages and snacks to our private event guests. Corporate groups or private parties who are interested in lunch, dinner and/or happy hour drinks can contact our great neighbors around Herndon Centre.

  • When Are We Open? We are open to the public Wed - Thurs 4:00 PM-9:00 PM, Fri 2:00 PM-9:00 PM, Saturday and Sunday: 11:00 AM-9:00 PM

For private events we are open Monday - Friday from 10am - 5pm (sometimes later depending on availability). (Minimum groups of 6 required).

How do I redeem my gift voucher? - Click here to redeem a gift voucher.

Can I buy a voucher for someone else? Yes, just click the button below.

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  • How do I book a room? Tickets are purchased online. Online bookings are made securely through Stripe and require Credit or Debit Card information at the time of purchase. Each game has a maximum number of tickets that can be purchased for each session.

  • Are tickets refundable? No. Tickets are non-refundable upon purchase.

  • May I purchase a ticket for someone else? Yes, they will be required to sign the waiver though.

  • How far out can I purchase a ticket? Sessions are available for bookings 3 months in advance. If you are interested in a date farther than 3 months out, please call us for assistance.

  • Can I purchase all of the tickets for my group at once? Yes. Select the maximum amount of tickets available for the room (8-10). The session will then be under one person’s name. If you book all the open seats you have the option to add up to 2 more players at the regular cost.

  • Can we play the same room more than once? Yes, however, for all guests, we ask that the puzzles remain a mystery to all new teams so please do not spoil the fun and share the answers with anyone. If you succeed, try your skills in another room!

  • Is there an age limit? Yes, the suggested age to play the game is 10 years old or more. The games are difficult and created with the intent to stump players! If a group of children under the age of 13 book a room, we require that an adult be in the room to monitor them. Unless the adult is planning on actively engaging in the puzzles, we do not require payment from the additional person.

  • Is there a minimum number of players required? No, BUT with under 4 people, it's will be more challenging (still doable). You may also end up being joining by another small party to play together. All participants inside a room must pay to play.

  • We have a larger group than the capacity for each game. How can you accommodate us? We can accommodate up to 30 players at a time (in one setting) by dividing them into teams and placing them in individual rooms to compete. We can also customize unique games to accommodate larger team building at any location you choose.

  • I am purchasing fewer tickets than maximum available for that room. Does that mean the remaining slots are filled by other guests? Maybe. Another group may choose to book in with you, we do not forcibly combine bookings though. If a group books at least half of the max number of spaces for a room, you can request that the other spaces be blocked. Please email us directly (or reply to your confirmation email) to make this request, it will not be done automatically.